The dude-bro is back! Winner of the award for Hollywood’s Most Punchable Face 2009 has been allowed out of movie sex-pest prison. Brett Ratner is back in the Hollywood fold.

Ratner made headlines in 2011. Immediately after being selected for the job of producer of the 84th Academy awards he resigned when sexual misconduct allegations were made. While no investigation was forthcoming, no law enforcement involved and no charges applied he was sent to that strange Hollywood purgatory. The place where sacrificial lambs are sent in order to let Hollywood look like it is doing something, preventing anyone digging deeper into the really shady stuff that happens in the industry.

Olivia Munn, one of Ratner’s accusers

Warner Bros. was his mothership before this happened and they severed all ties with him. So it was something of a surprise when his name was included on a very special Hollywood list for very special Hollywood people of those ready to truly come inside the Hollywood tent and see the power behind the throne.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has put up its list of the 153 members who are eligible for selection for one of the 17 open slots on their Board of Governors.

The list is a rundown of the great and the good in Hollywood. It includes an eclectic selection such as Richard Dreyfus, Peyton Reed, Jason Blum, Michael Mann, Ava DuVernay, Rita Wilson, Janusz Kaminski, Joe Pantoliano, Niki Caro, Stacy Keach, Jason Reitman, Kasi Lemmons, Carole Bayer Sager, Irwin Winkler and John Ridley. The list of those up for re-election includes Whoopi Goldberg.

And there, on the list, is Ratner. Hollywood’s extra-judicial time-based shunning system of punishment has clearly run its course for the man who made X-Men III. When asked for a comment Mel Gibson may, or may not, have responded:

“Are you f##king kidding me!?”

All Academy members will submit their preferential candidate ranking for all seventeen branches of the Academy this week.