Daniel Radcliffe has an interesting career. Taking the opportunity, with all that Harry Potter money in the bank, to only do things that really interest him, his filmography and body of work are pretty varied.


Now he’s returning to potential blockbusters but this time as a villain. Who doesn’t love the opportunity to chew some scenery and twirl a mustache?

Radcliffe will be the nemesis in The Lost City of D at Paramount Pictures. Sandra Bullock plays a romance novelist who is on the book tour from hell with her cover model (Channing Tatum) when a kidnapping attempt sends them both on a jungle adventure straight out of one of her novels.

Sounds like a spin on Romancing The Stone with a bit of Cover-Up thrown in for good measure. Cover-Up, of course, is most famous for the star accidentally killing themselves on-set in a Russian Roulette incident. The show was cancelled after one season. A rare Glen A. Larson flop.

Adam and Aaron Nee, known for their 2015 indie movie Band Of Robbers will direct the movie. Sandra Bullock will be producing the film under her Fortis Films banner along with Liza Chasin and her 3dot Productions and Gordon’s Exhibit A.

The Lost City Of The D is all set to be released in April 2022.

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