Quibi?  What the holy heck is Quibi?  Well, you must have missed our earlier story on this new short form entertainment service.  Here, get caught up.

Well now they are rolling out the big guns.  They have dropped a teaser for The Fugitive, a remake and reimagining of the famous 1960s TV show, and Harrison Ford 1993 hit movie.

In this version, Narcos and The Predator star Boyd Holbrook plays Mike Ferro, a blue collar worker who races to the scene of an LA subway bombing to check on his wife and child.
His presence combines with bad evidence and speculation to make it look like he is the man responsible for the bomb, forcing him to go on the run.

Detective Clay Bryce (Kiefer Sutherland) is the man tasked with running him down.

This adaption will heavily lean on the speed of news on social media, and the proliferation of op-ed masquerading as fact with a dose of fake news.

Scorpion series creator Nick Santora is the show runner which is in short form episodes.  Warner Bros and Thunder Road are the backers.

Here is the teaser: