Industry outlet The Hollywood Reporter says that Quantum Leap is go. The pilot for a sequel series has been greenlit. Last year we reported that Scott Bakula had said conversations were very advanced with NBC for a return to the world of leaping.

The NBC series ran for five seasons from 1989-1993. It is very fondly regarded as an excellent example of a time-travel drama, in which we followed a physicist who involuntarily leaps through spacetime during experiments in time travel, by temporarily taking the place of other people to correct what he consistently discovers were historical mistakes.



This will be a sequel series set thirty years later. A new team has been assembled to restart project Quantum Leap decades after physicist Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the project accelerator and vanished on a mission to understand what happened.

Bakula is presumed to be returning but is not confirmed. Sadly Dean Stockwell, who played Albert “Al” Calavicci, passed away last year. Al was a womanizing U.S. Navy rear admiral and Sam’s best friend, who grew up in an orphanage and was later active in the civil rights movement and guided him on his adventures in time.

Original creator Don Bellisario is on board as executive producer. Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt are showrunners.

Universal Television is backing Quantum Leap for full series consideration for next year. Well Universal. Make it good, and they will come!

The original series features a mix of humor, drama, romance, social commentary, and science fiction. It was ranked number 19 on TV Guides Top Cult Shows Ever in 2007. A continuation has been talked about for years, including a plan for a movie at one point back in 2010 which was mentioned at San Diego ComiCon.

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