Paul Thomas Anderson has quite an impressive canon of work under his belt. So when he has a new movie out, people are already looking forward to it.

A trailer is now online for his newest movie Licorice Pizza.

Anderson is the writer and director and it stars Bradley Cooper, Sean Penn, Maya Rudolph, John C Reilly, Emma Dumont, Tom Waits, Alana Haim, and more.

The story is a simple one:

Set in 1970s San Fernando Valley, the film follows a high school student, who is also a successful child actor.

The tale of young love is set in a backdrop of the Seventies Hollywood and set in a mix of fact and fiction. Bradley Cooper is playing producer Jon Peters, who dated Barbra Streisand and produced her version of A Star Is Born. Clever casting since Cooper recently starred in the latest version of A Star is Born.

Anderson shot the majority of the movie during the pandemic in Los Angeles. It has been described as Magnolia in the setting of Boogie Nights of the 1970s.

Interestingly, Anderson chose to preview the film on 35mm film and not on digital, as almost all cinemas show these days. The film premiered in Quentin Tarantino’s New Beverly in LA earlier this month. I wondered where they would find a cinema with working 35mm projectors and I can imagine Tarantino is still a fan of ‘film’.

Licorice Pizza is set to be distributed by MGM as part of their winter slot. It will have a limited release on 26th Nov, with a full release on 25th Dec 2021.

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