Even though Erik Von Däniken’s Chariots Of The Gods has been academically ridiculed, accused of plagiarism, and roundly mocked for decades, the Ancient Aliens ideas it presents have refused to die.

From the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge to the Moai of Easter Island. From the Piri Reis map, which appears to show Earth from space to the Nazca Lines in Peru. Of these things, we cannot truly explain how ancient man created them by hand.

Even ancient Japanese Dogū figurines resemble astronauts in spacesuits and 3,000-year-old carvings in an Egyptian New Kingdom temple that look like helicopters help fuel the Ancient Aliens theories.

That extraterrestrial beings visited Earth in mankind’s past and helped create these things beyond our understanding or abilities at the time. History Channel’s long-running documentary series Ancient Aliens has run for 12 years, sixteen seasons, and over 200 episodes off the back of this.

It appears to have some fans in the shape of the Cobra-Kai team. Counterbalance Entertainment, creators, and showrunners of Cobra-Kai have set Josh Heald to direct an adventure serial based on this. He, Jon Hurwitz, Jon Jashni, and Hayden Schlossberg will produce, just like with The Karate Kid spin-off.

Luke Ryan will write the script and executive produce. The show will be a:

“…two-handed, globe-spanning adventure featuring ancient sites and artifacts, confronting the theories and questions raised by the popular docuseries…”

Will it be as much fun as Cobra-Kai? Will they be able to make it as entertaining and engaging without the nostalgia factor? Or will the clearly committed fans of Ancient Aliens provide that?

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