As humanity emerges, blinking, into the sun after the strangest four months in living memory, so life must start again. That includes the movie industry. Countless movies were in production when the virus came and shut the world down. Now they must start up again.

Among them is the sequel 11 years in the making, Avatar 2. Director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau have arrived back in Wellington, New Zealand in the early hours of last Sunday morning to get to work. The production had specially chartered an Air New Zealand plane to get over 50 members of the crew out there after a 13 hour flight from Los Angeles.

However they won’t be going straight to work. New Zealand has a mandatory fourteen-day quarantine period.

The borders are still officially closed but the production is classed as being of special economic interest to New Zealand therefore they get a border exemption, as long as they quarantine.

The production covers all of the second and third films in the series. They will also contribute a lot to the fourth. The entire movie will be filmed across Wellington and Auckland taking up nearly all of the production facilities available.

We hope they didn’t dress like this for the entire flight. If that becomes mandatory to fly then I guess long haul holidays are out. Better dust off that camping gear and break the news to the kids that we ain’t going to Disney World for a while.

Also due to restart is Sony’s Venom sequel. It was only halfway through production when the pandemic shut it down. Discussions are underway to work out how to get the cast and crew back to work.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage producer Dan Wilson spoke candidly about the fear that remains among the cast and crew, even with new guidelines in place. In a Vanity Fair article he said:

“Nobody wants to go into an environment that’s going to be risky and that goes for crew members too. It’s not just talent. It’s everybody involved on set. There’s a nervousness and that’s natural and understandable. In the plans that we’ve discussed, they’ve certainly taken that into account and we’ll see when we get there, I guess.”

In the same article Logan producer Hutch Parker said quite a lot of Hollywood isn’t ready to risk it just yet:

“I’ve talked to some who are like, ‘You know what? I’m taking a year off. I’m just sitting it out. It’s particularly some older actors who don’t want to put themselves more at risk. Others seem a little bit more confident and a little bit more eager. It does feel to me as we all watch the news and monitor what’s going on in different parts of the country, that you’re seeing the same diversity of reaction in our industry as we’re seeing in the country at large.”

Tom Hardy returns as Eddie Brock, Woody Harrelson stars as Cletus Kasady/Carnage.

Andy Serkis directs. It is currently slated for a June 25th 2021 release, but that won’t be likely if they wait much longer.