According to the internet it was a done deal. That was it. Tom Hardy was the next James Bond. Of course, the internet is not always right. As part of the 25th anniversary of GoldenEye, Pierce Brosnan’s debut in the role, the producers have been talking to the press. They confirmed in an interview with Total Film that the rumours are plain wrong. There is no new 007 and there will not be until after the dust has settled on No Time To Die.

Daniel Craig’s final outing as the Bond is yet to be released with COVID closures destroying the theater business worldwide. Barbara Broccoli herself had this to say:

“I always say: you can only be in love with one person at a time. Once the film’s come out, then some time will pass, and then we’ll have to get on to the business of the future. But for now, we just cannot think about anything beyond Daniel.”

Despite the Daniel Craig era being a box-office success and, in Casino Royale and Skyfall, a critical darling, will they be tempted to just rinse and repeat. Absolutely not, says Broccoli:

“It will have to be reimagined, in the way each actor has reimagined the role, that’s what is so exciting and fun about this franchise; the character evolves. Eventually, when we have to think about it, we’ll find the right person.”

As for who the right person is, Broccoli maintains she hasn’t changed her stance, James Bond will not be a woman:

“We should create roles for women, not just turn a man into a woman.”

No Time to Die is currently scheduled to open in cinemas on April 2, 2021.