Wonder Woman and Aquaman soldier on.  The Man Of Steel is apparently powerless to progress.  The Flash has more false starts than a Twitter editorial policy and the Cyborg thinking he is going to get his own movie anytime soon is the very definition of a fools hope.  As for Batfleck?  Well that is the one thing that has certainty in the unholy mess that is the DCEU.  He’s toast.

Into this cratered arena of chaos steps the one man Warner Bros. are apparently pinning their hopes on to salvage this mess.

Oh shit, it’s worse than we thought!

So thank God there is a tiny, slim hope of salvation in the form of Matt Reeves The Batman.  Hey, it’s the hope that kills you!

Matt Reeves has proven he has the chops for this, particularly via his lively and well made Planet Of The Apes prequels.  Now he’s taken to his Twitter to formally announce the start of principal photography today in the UK.  In the process showing us an early version of the logo.

Production on the film has been underway for a few weeks with establishing shots being done and prop photo sessions and lighting tests being completed.  Now the leading cast join the fun and the main event begins.

Some news has accompanied the start of filming.  Batman-on-Film has broken the story that Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne will be responsible for his own costume in the movie and it will be an early version.

No Lucius Fox and Wayne Applied Technology here.  Furthermore, like many early comic versions, the Batmobile is also being described as being:

“…akin to a muscle car”.

So no highly militarised tank like Nolan, no sleek and stylised Burton fantasy mobile.

Expect some pics soon.

The Batman opens in cinemas in nearly a year and a half, on June 25th 2021.