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This 3 year period of Prince Valiant covers a lot of the known world in the 5th Century. Val finds himself a fish out of water in his globetrotting adventures during this era with practically no time spent in England at all.

The early portion of this 3 year span finds Val still battling the Huns in mainland Europe. What catalyst his war against them actually began in 1939 but it really builds momentum going into 1940.

After witnessing the Huns defeat a fairly great army with ease Val basically decides to fight them basically alone using guerilla tactics taking out a few Huns at a time as the opportunity presents itself. Soon others join him. First a Roman Bard named Slith helps him as well as various commoners and eventually by other Knights of the Round Table; Gawain and Tristram.

After the Hun storyline is resolved the 3 Knights head to Rome where they are framed for 2 murders pretty much immediately. The first is a general and the second is an even bigger fish, Emperor Valentinian. The trio has no choice but to split up to avoid capture.

Val ends up traveling by sea but naturally, things do not go smoothly for him. He gets captured and made a slave relying on brute force and cunning to escape (this happens more than once during 1941-42). He travels and fights Muslims in the Holy Land, wild animals in the jungles of Africa (mistaking gorillas for demons and elephants for dragons). He makes enemies with Vikings and then friends with them in these strange and foreign lands.

The most important thing that happens to him is while lost at sea he is aided while near unconsciousness by Aleta, the queen of an island nation near Greece. He spends a great deal of time during these globetrotting adventures thinking of her and trying to get back to her somehow. When their paths do cross again a violent misunderstanding causes Val to believe she is a cruel and wicked villain that he should avoid at all costs.

Near the end of this period, Val returns to Britain where he heads up to Scotland to battle against an alliance of Picts and invading Vikings with the aid of his allies in Camelot.

Closing Thoughts

Overall this 3 year period was arguably better than the fantastic first 3 years of the comic strip. One of the coolest things about the strip is that it pulls no punches and is as violent and as brutal as newspapers would allow, pushing the envelope in that respect. The storytelling of the artwork and prose go hand in hand and the stories would incomprehensible without both elements working in tandem. Highly recommended.

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