The story of how the BBC obtained the bombshell interview with Prince Andrew about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein is to become a film called Scoop.

Prince Andrew, the Queens favorite son, did an interview with the BBC back in 2019 just after Epstein didn’t kill himself. It was such a car crash (no Diana jokes please) that it’s getting the Hollywood treatment!

The interview was intended to help dispel increasing scrutiny of his relationship with Jeff and in particular his relationship with one of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Giuffre.

Prince Andy and Queen
Mummy, make this all go away, it’s making one sad.

Virginia Who?

If you don’t know who Virginia Giuffre is, she was befriended by Epstein’s right hand ‘man’ Ghislaine Maxwell in 2000 to train as a massage therapist. Giuffre says she was abused by Epstein and “passed around like a platter of fruit” among his powerful associates.

In 2001, then aged 17, she says Epstein brought her to London and introduced her Prince Andrew. Giuffre alleges that the prince sexually abused her three times at Maxwell’s London home that night, and later at Epstein’s homes in Manhattan and Little St James in the Virgin Islands.

Prince Andrew said he had no recollection of ever meeting Ms Giuffre, and, in response to her account of them having sex in the US and UK, that it “didn’t happen”. I’ll just leave this here…

Prince Andrew1
Andy with Virginia and Maxwell at Maxwell’s London home.

Giuffre launched a civil case against Andy. In February 2022, just before the Queen gave us peasants a four day weekend to celebrate her reign of 70 years of lizardness, she paid £12m using our tax money for Giuffre’s silence and settled out of court. Awesome.

The Interview

Now some big wigs at the production company The Lighthouse Film & Television, have decided to capitalize on the fiasco and turn it into a film called Scoop. Hugh Grant who has made a career from playing posh, bumbling Englishmen is rumoured up to play Andy. Perfect casting. 

Scoop will be based on the book Scoops: Behind the Scenes of the BBC’s Most Shocking Interviews by former Newsnight producer Sam McAlister. It will feature the behind-the-scenes negotiations in securing the interview and the subsequent filming.

The movie will be written by Peter Moffat who said:

“What the hell did he think he was doing?” “Who got him to do it? Why, when the rest of the world was so appalled, did he think it had gone so well? What kind of a man is this?

In researching the film and talking to those on the inside of this extraordinary story I got the answers to all these questions.

They’re provoking, often surprising, sometimes disturbing – and I think they make for a compelling story about power and abuse and journalistic courage.”

Epstein and Maxwell
Epstein and Maxwell pictured at Queen’s residence at Balmoral. Yep.

Journalistic courage? Seriously? Hey Pete, when a journalist starts investigating Epstein and Maxwell’s clients, then perhaps we can start using words like “courage”. Until then, stop flapping those lips.

The interview had such a negative impact that the Duke of York was banished from royal duties.

Royals, The BBC and Sex Scandals

The Royal Family, the BBC and Sex Scandals are pretty much regarded as traditional British institutions here in the UK.

It’s no secret of Prince Charle’s close friendship with the most notorious of celebrity pedophiles (and alleged necrophiliac), Jimmy Savile. Jimmy, a former radio DJ and TV personality, worked at the BBC on and off for 50 years. 

Jimmy and Chaz
Jimmy and Chaz – BFFs.

Then we have Rolf Harris, an UK based Australian artist who had regular shows on the BBC for decades. He was also commissioned to paint a portrait of the Queen for her 80th birthday. Rolf was jailed in 2014 for twelve counts of indecent assault against four teenage girls.

There are several other high profile BBC personalities which have all been convicted of sexual assault. And after the Savile investigation it was revealed that an astonishing 81 BBC staff faced sex allegations! Between 2019 and 2020, ten more people were investigated with two being sacked.

This week alone we have a former BBC DJ called Tim Westwood is caught up in a sex scandal. Ten women have all made allegations that Westwood abused his position whilst at the BBC to take advantage of seven women in their late teens or early 20s.

To our non UK based Outposters, the BBC, The Royals and Sex Scandals are like water off a duck’s back here in Britain. It makes damn fine reading and popcorn TV but none of it is a big surprise.

Hunter’s laptop is small fry to us limeys!

Hunter Biden, making Prince Andrew’s pedo antics look respectable.

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