Interesting movie trivia time. Hey, with productions delayed, theaters closed and release dates shifting back relentlessly we will take our movie news however it comes! Yahoo Movies has pulled out a little known fact. The man who is third in line to take over the US presidency is a comic book fan. A huge comic book fan. And he has been in SIX Batman movies!

Patrick Leahy is a veteran Democrat senator from Vermont and is the current president pro tempore of the US Senate. According to the laws of succession this means he would become US President after the vice president, Kamala Harris, and the speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

It turns out he has quite a standing in the world of comic geeks. He wrote the forewords to the The Dark Knight Archives and again for Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman. He also wrote the preface for Batman: Death of Innocents and was the voice of the governor Batman: The Animated Series.

He has also branched out into the movies… several times. He appeared in a party scene in 1995’s Batman Forever and then reappeared in Batman & Robin. Both of these were uncredited cameos.

He then turned up as a board member of Wayne Enterprises in Batman Begins, overseeing the company in the prolonged absence of prodigal son Bruce Wayne.

He appeared again as the same character in The Dark Knight, with a short speaking role this time in which he told Heath Ledger’s Joker that he:

“…won’t be intimidated by thugs…”

This scene involved a knife to the throat and he was later heard to say that Ledger was so deep in character as the Joker that he genuinely scared him and he didn’t have to act.

Leahy also appeared in The Dark Knight Rises and finally went on to play Senator Purrington in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice therefore meeting a somewhat toasty end alongside Holly Hunter’s Senator Finch.

This feels like there is a trivia quiz question in here somewhere. Has he actually appeared in more Batman movies than anyone else?