Who should be the next Jame Bond? Drum roll please:



Henrty Cavill

You choose. Personally I think this is fine choice. He has the look, he’s young enough, he’s British, and he’s already proven he can do dangerous after the last Mission Impossible movie. Cavill has also appeared as nearly evil in The Witcher franchise on Netflix. Of course we also know him as that lovable boy scout, Superman.

If Superman twisted the necks of his enemies.

So now the question is if he’s on the short lists of the Brocolli’s or not. And what will Bond become in this next outing? Overall I’d say the Daniel Craig version was a moderate success, with the high point still being Casino Royal, but that’s just me. Skyfall and No Time To Die were also very good, but Quantum Of Solace and Spectre were not well received.

Do we go back to the grim and gritty, the more realistic Bond of Connery, Dalton, and Craig? or the more parody, comedic Bond of Roger Moore and some of the later Connery movies? Or something in between like Brosnan? I personally think Brosnan movies were the worst since they really couldn’t commit to the comedy or the realism.

No word on any of this yet but I’m look forward to seeing who the next Jame Bond will be and what the tone of the franchise will become. I wouldn’t mind seeing the tone lighten up but only by a notch or two, not full Moore.

Good choice Outposters! Brent Rambo approves.


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Who Should Be The New James Bond?
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