Kathryn Bigelow knocked it out of the park with Point Break in 1991. It pretty much is a perfect action thriller. It really shouldn’t have worked. The pitch must have sounded insane, and with the star of Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure lined up to be an action lead then it is amazing it even got off the ground. A solid Last Movie Outpost favorite.


It also doesn’t seem, to have aged. There is a danger it would feel like an over-long Pepsi-Max advert or a Red Bull press event, but it just doesn’t. It still works, and it is still great. It is like a textbook example of how to construct a movie like that.

At one point a sequel was on the cards – Point Break: Indo – which would have featured Johnny Utah hunting felons across the Indian Ocean. Reeves’ Speed director Jan De Bont was lined up to direct.


Then in 2015, the remake happened. Ericson Core directed a script by Kurt Wimmer. The American-German-Chinese co-production stared Édgar Ramírez, Luke Bracey, Teresa Palmer, Delroy Lindo, and Ray Winstone. It seemingly forgot absolutely everything that made Point Break work and was just a soulless yet flashy mess.


The writer of the original, W. Peter Iliff (Patriot Games) then dropped a bomb. He went on the Script Apart podcast and revealed he has a continuation series written and ready to go. A TV show. So what would it involve? Well, first of all, this is 2021 Hollywood so it’s time to fire up the Gender-O-Tron!

The daughter of Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves) is an Olympic snowboarder who damages her knee. Forced out of competing, she falls into a life of fast-living and dangerous sports before an event leads to her sobering up and becoming an FBI agent like her father:

“Johnny Utah has been missing. His body’s not been found. He’s [been reported] dead for years. There’s a mystery around where he is, and you’re going to find out – he’s not dead. There’s a bigger story that evolves around that, while she gets involved in this eco-terrorist movement, which of course is now a big thing.

There are two sides to the movement. There are those who are trying to get corporations to do the right thing to save our planet. And there are those who’ll put a gun in their hand and maybe rob a bank to fund their more violent approach. The FBI is after these people. She’s sent to go deep undercover with this group and it’s the same, which side of the badge are you on?”

The Bodhi to her Utah? The Swayze character? This time it’s a female solo mountain climber called Cyprus.

Alcon Entertainment still owns the rights and is not confident after the 2015 remake cratered on impact and cost them money. So we probably won’t be seeing this any time soon.

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