Captain Jacqueline Sparrow? Strange things happen at sea. Even stranger things happen in Hollywood. So this could well be more than just a rumor.

Since 2018 it was mentioned that Disney wanted to reboot the huge grossing Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise. It was assumed it would be without lead star Johnny Depp in the Captain Jack Sparrow role. There was a feeling that character had gone as far as it could. Into the mix was the fact that Depp was deep in a lawsuit with his ex-partner Amber Heard with accusations of assault being made.

Talk of a reboot died down, and there appeared to be a constant flow of details from the Depp v Heard case that demonstrated maybe Depp was the wronged party after all, the alleged victim of violence from his partner.

In the last 24 hours a new rumor has exploded.  Former Doctor Who star, Jumanji avatar, Avenger and short-shorts-vest combo enthusiast Karen Gillan is being eyed. Not just as a replacement Keira Knightley, but as the lead of the whole show.

Not the worst idea ever.  She can act, can move, is very nice to look at (sorry ladies!) and has frequently demonstrated decent comic timing in both her TV and movie work.

Disney Insider reports they are looking at a full reboot. So the threads left hanging at the end of the last Pirates movie will probably never get resolved.

There is a popular redhead female pirate on the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride, known as Red. This would potentially be a good fit and not be the typical Hollywood annoyance of simply gender switching a popular character for the sake of it. It would also leave the universe open for a potential return for other characters.

The main concern would be that a lot of Hollywood seems to have forgotten how to write strong, competent, effective heroines. It seems we may never get another Ripley or Princess Leia. Instead the Disney Princess trope is constantly deployed.

Talent and powers are not earned or acquired by training, instead the power was inside them all along if only they would believe in themselves. Their unearned superiority is then underlined by surrounding them with idiotic, bumbling and comedic male characters.

You need good writers and creatives to avoid this trap. Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin is teaming up with previous Pirates writer Ted Elliot to chart the course.

No director is set but Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman remain producers with an over $100m budget burning a hole in their pockets.