There have been some big changes behind the scenes of Star Trek: Picard ahead of season three. Before this season started production, everyone was pretty adamant this was the end. What a difference a happy production can make.

Terry Metalas takes over as full showrunner after co-duties with Akiva Goldsman on season 2. The Star Trek: Next Generation cast were reunited for this third outing, and suddenly those involved, including Patrick Stewart and other cast members, say they will be up for doing more if fans like the new run.

“Do you remember when things didn’t suck, Number One?”

The new run is being talked up, by those who have seen it, as much more like it! It is said to be something of a reset and much more in feel and approach to classic Next Generation than whatever the hell it was they served up as Picard before. Most of that cast, from earlier seasons, is similarly not returning this time around. They can spin this any way they want, but it sounds like a reboot to us here at the Outpost.

However before we think about the possibilities of further adventures, in an interview with GamesRadar Metalas has hinted that they might not all be around come the end of this run:

“I think there are ways of seeing these characters again, in a kind of Next, Next Generation story.

Not all these characters… I’m not gonna say they all necessarily make it out safely of season three. But I will say that in science fiction, there are always ways of seeing people again. So of course, who wouldn’t want to do this forever?”

Matalas has said that the need to recapture the spirit of Trek was important to him, and while the show cannot adopt the episodic nature of classic Star Trek and Strange New Worlds, he can make it feel like a Next Generation movie:

“It honours what came before, it honours the spirit of the characters, but also takes into account that it’s been over 20 years since we’d last seen many of them. Storytelling and serialised television has changed since then, so we do both.

If you’re looking to feel like these are the Next Gen characters that you grew up with, you will see them everywhere. If you’re looking for something a little new, well, you get to catch up with them in unexpected ways as well. But you will get those Next Gen feels back for sure. But it’s the next step in their journey. It feels like a feature film, a final feature film.”

The first six-episodes have been released to the press, and the reaction so far has been off the charts positive. First Star Trek: Strange New Worlds doesn’t shit the bed, and now this.


Can we dare to dream, again? Has Star Trek turned a corner? We will find out when Star Trek: Picard launches on Paramount+ in the U.S. and Amazon Prime internationally on February 16th.

Make it so!

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