Paramount Plus have treated the world to the teaser for Picard Season 3. I say treated but that’s only if you regard having acid poured into your eyes and ears as something enjoyable.

My good self and Drunken Yoda have made no secret of our utter disdain at modern Star Trek. It is literally the polar opposite of what Gene Roddenberry’s vision stood for. It’s rife with “the message” and is a total fabrication of reality. 

In the past Star Trek showed the audience what mankind can achieve if we were to put our differences aside. Today however, it’s used as a propaganda machine to encourage hate and division that is ripping the Western world apart.

Picard3 Will
“We may be pissing all over Roddenberry’s legacy but boy are we making coin.”

Drunken Yoda and I broke down Picard and modern Star Trek in two videos which you can watch/listen to here and here. If you like Star Trek but detest Modern Trek, I recommend you to check them out.

Season 1 has an Audience Score of 53% and Season 2 a meagre 40% over on Rotten Tomatoes. To try and appease (proper) Trek fans, Kurtzman and his moronic cult are wheeling out the cast of The Next Generation in a desperate hope to win back favour. To me, this is the equivalent of offering me a minty chewing gum after you’ve force fed me a warm shit sandwich. 

Picard Season 3
Marina Sirtis looks exactly how you’d image someone with her opinions would look.

I strongly believe that everyone, especially the returning cast from TNG, who have put their name to this monstrosity are a complete disgrace to Gene Roddenberry’s legacy. Shame on them.

Picard Season 3 will premiere on Paramount Plus on 16th February 2023 and is proof positive that by getting three seasons illustrates how low the bar is set in the entertainment industry.

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