The best episode yet. Here’s the review for season three, episode five of Picard, an episode titled Imposters.

Whatever concerns I had before this episode are alleviated. Imposters kicks off the second half of the season and wraps up the first half, upping the stakes considerably while resolving a 30-year-old plot thread that I had absolutely no expectations of ever being resolved.

Picard Imposters
“So. I guess Starfleet’s a little pissed?”

I really don’t want to give a single spoiler on who shows up in this episode. So this review will be light on details. Suffice it to say, the changelings have infiltrated Starfleet and this time a blood test ain’t going to be enough to see who’s a fake.

Shaw continues to shine. His hilarious cynicism and his unwillingness to treat Picard and Riker as the heroes they are is great. But he cannot ignore what’s going on here. Beneath it all, he’s a good man.

Jack Crusher is developing new problems. Or powers? Hard to say but he’s full-on scared of whatever is happening to him. It’s nice to see the sardonic persona give way to just a vulnerable, scared man. Ed Speleers does a fine job.

Picard Imposters
“Yeah she’s annoying but I’m working on her.”

The only weak part, Rafi and Worf, isn’t really that weak. It’s just in comparison to everything else. They have a good moment though. Rafi does a little training with Worf in weapons combat. I was afraid they were going to do some girl-boss moment with her beating Worf, indeed it appears he’s struggling at first. But it turns out he’s just toying with her, putting her and her attitude in their place.

Rafi is still the same Rafi from the first two seasons. What makes her palatable this time around is that her bad traits are not treated as positives. Suddenly, I care about this flawed character as she has things to overcome. The pairing with Worf is the best thing that could have happened to her. It’s a shame that she has two seasons of terrible writing baggage. That is hard to overcome.

It ends on a bit of a desperate note, with parties starting to converge. I am all in and I swear to f*cking God, I never thought I would be saying that about Star Trek again.

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