Sorry I’m a bit late for this but here’s your Picard Review for episode 2 of season 3: Disengage.

When we last left our pair of heroes, Picard and Riker were had just come across Beverly’s son and she was in a stasis tube. Out of hell was the good ship Evil.

Ok it’s called the Shrike and Amanda Plummer is really enjoying the heck out of her job. Vadic, as her character is called, attempts to beam Jack off the bridge but Picard saves Beverly’s (and his?) son by setting out a bunch of transport inhibitors.

Picard Disengage
It’s the good ship DemonEvilDeath

Meanwhile Seven convinces Shaw to intervene and they are able to beam the group off the ship. The Shrike however has more weapons than Sarah Connor’s bunker and threatens them as Jack has a bounty on his head (I like him already so much more than Wesley). Give him up or eat vacuum. As a demonstration of their power, she throws Beverly’s ship at the Titan.

Picard Episode 2 Disengage

Jack attempts to escape and beam himself over to the Shrike to save his mother but Beverly stops him, having been revived in sickbay. She also confirms what we all thought. Jack is Picard’s son. Named Jack Crusher, after her ex-husband that died under Picard’s command.


Shaw realizes that Picard will never hand over his son so he attempts to flee into the nebula, with Vadic joyously giving chase.

Meanwhile Rafi meets with a Ferengi mobster to get information on the attack from last week but is drugged and almost killed when her handler saves her. Worf is now in the show and is happy to kill Ferengi even though all that honor stuff in the show means he probably wouldn’t have gone as far as to use the Ferengi’s head like a soccer ball.

Picard Disengage
Jean Luc, you’ve been a naughty monkey!

This episode was a bit of a pullback from really outstanding first episode but is still easily better than any episode of the last two seasons and it’s not even close. We’re on a new grading scale here so while I may be enjoying myself (FINALLY) watching a Star Trek show, I do want to be as objective as possible.

This was really a bit of a bridge episode. Things set up in the first episode have very little payoff yet. Yes, we find out who Rafi’s handler was (Worf) and the least surprising twist ever that Jack is Picard’s son. I guess British accents are hereditary.

Still it moved along at a nice pace, we got more layers to Shaw who did the right thing at the end, and seeing Worf back is great even though he was a bit more hardcore in his violence than in the past. But nothing here made me mad, more just impatient to get to it. I think it’s an example of having to fill 10 episodes when 8 might’ve done fine.

For instance, the Captain of the Shrike does the “I’ll give you one hour to turn him over” cliché. This is to stretch the runtime. Also there’s a flashback that gives Jack a bit of character development but nothing that couldn’t have been done with a bit of exposition.

Overall a decent episode but I have a feeling this is just to get us to much better stuff to come.

Matt and I discussed at length (longer than the episode, we need help) the first episode and our thoughts on the future. Take a look here:

Watch and then come back here for reviews for every episode! Let us know if you want us to do another video halfway through the show and after the series concludes!

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