Trade outlet The Hollywood Reporter says that Star Trek: Picard season 3 has halted filming due to an outbreak. Not, unfortunately, due to an outbreak of stunning mediocrity and a total lack of respect for the source material. If that was the case, it would never be declared free from, infection and would remain shut down. Picard halts shooting, predictably, because of the ‘rona, the ‘ron variant of the ‘rona.


The outbreak is said to be “sizable” and the show somehow manages to employ one of the biggest crews on television with more than 450 cast and crew. On returning from the Christmas break more than 50 staff tested positive across all their quarantine zones and bubbles.

Production in Los Angeles was immediately shut down and no further work happened. They will take another look on Monday 10th. They are not the only show in this position. People spending time with friends and family, or out celebrating over the Christmas period have led to infections spiking, but deaths and hospitalizations remain lower, backing up the information South Africa was sharing with the world about the variant a month ago.

Picard seasons 2 and 3 were being shot back to back in order to control costs.

Another positive is that the Grammy awards have been canceled and the Sundance film festival will now be held virtually. So every cloud has a silver lining.



It is looking increasingly likely that we are all going to get the Omicron variant, or have all already had it. Some of us won’t even notice or dismiss it as a head cold. Some of us, unfortunately, may get very ill.

Stay safe out there, Outposters!

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