In Episode 4, Picard makes a quick stop off (even though they are supposedly under the gun) at a Romulan refugee planet to pick up a male ninja nun.

That’s pretty much it.


This is what we call “filler.”

Space Ninjas with swords are cool! And make sense in a world with particle weapons!

Remember back in the good ol’ days of non-serialized storytelling? When they had to tell the story in an hour of if they were real lucky, a two-parter? I remember the days when the words “To Be Continued…” was a dreadful message. Meaning I had to wait a whole week to find out what happened.

Now I have to wait a whole season to find out and it’s incredibly boring along the way.

We have a bunch of writers and execs who believe that shows now have to be 8-12 hour movies but have nothing to say for 3-10 hours of it. So we get these long, boring episodes where nothing happens at best. At worst, they contradict the set up of the storyline to stretch out the narrative.

It’s OK. As I said, they’ll just throw out a CGI wankfest or a nostalgic character. At the end of this one, Seven of Nine appears. Because… member Voyager?

BTW, DON’T remember that Picard and Seven have absolutely no on-screen history together. Shut up and keep paying your monthly fee. Next week we’ll give you  *spins wheel* Riker and Troi, OK?

Goddammit, why did you have to drag me into this nightmare?

Seriously, this is a show in search of a reason to exist. The regression of what was laid down before to become this nonsense, makes this “Space Adventure Show.”

But not Star Trek.

The rape and pillaging of our culture continues. If you haven’t seen the Critical Drinker’s take on this show, he hits on something that until now I haven’t been able to put my finger on. While I did recognize the “strong female character” tropes (that they actually undermine themselves with, like everything else in this damn series) I didn’t realize how badly they treat the males. Picard is NOT Picard anymore. Everything they’ve established about this character has been flushed.

Picard has one set back and disappears for 14 years? Naw. At least Kirk went down fighting. It may have been lame but it wasn’t a betrayal of his character.

So this show is insulting yet boring.

Don’t watch. If you have CBS for other reasons, cancel them. They need to stop getting our money. Patrick Stewart wholeheartedly supports this madness so F*** him too.

I’ll keep reporting here for you all, if for no other reason for you to watch the whole thing burn from a safe distance.