So. I really have no memory of what the heck happened in Episode 8. It was a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.

On the Borg cube, Romulan Legolas was still running around ninjaing dudes but the bad guys started to get the upper hand. Then Seven of Nine showed up to save him and become the Borg queen. Kinda. I mean she was using the cube to wake up the Borg leftovers but not really become a part of the collective. More like their own collective.

Why are you even here? How did you get here? So many questions.

Which might have been interesting but then bad guys ejected all the Borg into space and she disconnected from the cube so nothing changed.

How the hell did she get there? Unknown. Why is she there? Unknown. How did she know to save Legolas? Unknown.

In a flashback, we see that Commodore BadGuy is half-Vulcan and half-Romulan. She gets a group together on the sad planet where there is a glowing outline of the railings they use to keep you away from statues in museums. Everyone stands around it, grabs the railing to see what will happen in robots are made. Then most of them go insane and try to kill themselves in various comical ways.

Why. Why the heck if you need people to join your cause would you set them onto the crazy-making rail and lose people left and right? It’s just there to add shock. I am not shocked, I find it all LAZY WRITING in place of an actual story.

Don’t touch that you idiots!

You know, maybe the FCC regulations that kept certain standards in place for violence, language, and sex weren’t as bad as we thought. Then you had to work within these confines and create actual stories. Putting these shocking moments in, do nothing for the actual story.

So Picard tells the whole story to the Admiral that told him to f*** off the first time he talked to her. She gives him some support now and realizes he was right all along. We see that she learns a little humility by telling Picard to “Shut the f*** up” and generally acting like an unlikable asshat.

Then Agnes wakes up from her coma and everyone figures out she killed Maddox and she’s really sorry about it and sorry about leading the Romulan on their butts with the viridian compound she had. She’s super-duper sorry. They are not exactly putting her in the brig immediately.

Then there’s a pointless side story about Rios and why he’s all messed up about his captain. Once he sees Soji for the first time, he realizes that this is the girl they found in a shuttle all those years ago and the captain was ordered to murder her. Which he did and then blew his own brains out.

This is Starfleet now?

I’m faltering people. I promised to get to the end of this but the anger at destroying everything about Star Trek is getting harder and harder to ignore. Rich Evans may have accepted this isn’t Star Trek but I’m still pissed.

So in the end, I’m not really sure if anything actually happened. They are on their way to the planet Soji may have come from. So we got two more episodes to go. Possibly Episode 10 will be longer length.

Pray for me.