Last week, Picard and Soji stepped through the magic Borg doorway and ended up on Nepenthe (the title of this episode.) Deposited practically on Troi’s and Riker’s doorstep, this episode makes use of member berries to the max.

Well I’m not made of flipping stone. Was it great to see them together again, ever so briefly? Yeah of course.

The couple is living there because their oldest son came down with some space disease that they couldn’t cure and hoped that the planet’s regenerative soil that grows great pizza would cure him. It didn’t work. They still have their younger daughter, Kestra. A nice nod back to the series when we found out Deanna had a sister that died very young.

Yeah whatever, I’m in a forest now. Just get me to Episode 10 so I can start doing different shows.

So they raise their daughter here in semi-retirement. Now I’m not sure what they are trying to say here. Modern medicine doesn’t work, go organic? They really milked that point with how good the ingredients are that aren’t replicated. But their kid died anyway… what am I supposed to be hearing here? I know everything is a message now, try not to muddle it if you insist on that.

You know, instead of telling a story.

So they basically wait around for a while until Picard’s crew can shake the Romulan tailing them. The same Romulan that messed with Soji all season. Apparently, Agnes had something in her that allowed him to track them. She finally took some sort of hypo that neutralized it but put her in a coma. She never told anyone that’s why they continued to be tracked.

Speaking of which, apparently the bad Commodore is indeed Vulcan as she mind-melded with Agnes, as shown in a flashback from 3 episodes ago (Jesus, with the flashbacks and time-bending story telling. Stop it!) Apparently Agnes saw the end of everything because of Soji and that’s why she killed Maddox.

No possibility the telepath could be messing with you? Make you see what you want to see? Maybe you should have spoken with someone… ANYONE… before going straight to murdering your lover?

Guess that’s one way to get an excuse to get out of a bad relationship.  So anyhow she’s having a lot remorse and destroys her tracker because of it.

Yeah you’re not needed for the story anymore so you die now.

Meanwhile, Picard and Soji use the time to figure things out. Soji is no longer trusting anyone and I can’t really blame her after getting so utterly mind-fucked by the Romulan. It’s the most sensible reaction I’ve seen in this entire show.

Riker and Troi help get Picard to start acting like a captain again while simultaneously telling him this is different and he’s with practically a teenager right now.

This is the problem with this episode. They distract you with member berries while constantly contradicting themselves. It’s not the worst episode by any means but it’s really muddled. What was the point?

Oh Hugh gets killed. Romulan space ninja does not. The way that all plays out is again mystifying. Why did they let him live? They used an excuse to kill Hugh to avoid legal repercussions after overhearing him say he wants to take back over the cube. But he already probably lost any immunity with helping Picard and Soji escape.


So the rating? Oh I dunno. How about 3 just because I got to see the three of them together again. Also, I liked Soji’s reaction to it all as a complete denial of what’s happening and zero-trust in everyone around her. I’m with you sister.