What the hell is wrong with these writers? I’m getting a little tired of the Hollywood hacks, indeed, most of the millennial left, who lives during the best time in human history and are the most vicious, nihilist, buttholes that a society can produce.

Everything they touch is ground up and destroyed for some weird muddled message that really seems to boil down to –

“Everything sucks, even though I have never had any real actual hardship in my entire spoiled life. So I’ll destroy what you like.”

Last week, nearly nothing happened so I guess, at least, this episode is an improvement on the “things happen” front. Unfortunately what happens is pretty damn disgusting.

Seven of Nine has ended up with the crew, and the person they need to get, Bruce Maddox, is, fortunately, the same person that wants Seven of Nine due to her Borg implants. What luck! We get to see Eicheb (member Voyager? I member!) get brutally murdered by this woman 13 years earlier.

It’s ok. No one remembers my character anyway.

As an aside, can we stop with opening up every goddamn episode with a flashback from 13-15 years ago?

Seven intervenes, but not in time, and so she has to mercy-kill him.

Cut back to the present and the team has to go to what I’ll call “Space-Vegas” because “Freecloud” sounds like something an insurance company is trying to move its accounting servers too. The stupid in this show keeps topping itself.

Picard puts on an eye-patch and pretends to sell Seven to get Maddox back, but in reality, Seven just wanted to get close to this woman to get revenge for Eicheb. Icheb? Whatever.

Nice to see Huggybear getting work still.

I know Stewart is a great actor, but his little “character” he tried to pretend to be was awful. I dare say, the cringiest acting I’ve ever seen from the man. Well, yachts don’t buy themselves and he’s nearly 80 years old.

Hey Editor, do I get hazard pay for these reviews? Just asking.

So, Picard lamely tries to appeal to Seven’s humanity but it’s the Captain of the ship who gets to her, mainly from a practical standpoint, but at least he’s trying to stop the loss of life.

Meanwhile, Raffi goes down to find her son when we get the most soapiest of soap scenes that I nearly slipped on my butt and I was sitting down:

“Mom you were never there!”

“I want to be now!”

“You never stopped believing the conspiracy!”

“Well it was true!”

“Go F*** yourself! Oh here’s my pregnant wife so you have more to fight for now that you’re about to have a granddaughter. (No grandson, men are evil!) Now beat it and don’t come back until you proved it true and we all realize we were wrong about you! Or Episode 10, whichever comes first!”

Ugh. So anyhow, they get Maddox, beam back. Seven and Picard have a quick heart to heart before Seven beams back down and finishes the job, unbeknownst to Picard because he apparently couldn’t notice a red flag if someone was shoving it up his nose.

Jeri Ryan began shooting her way out of the episode in a desperate attempt to escape.

Finally, Agnes, the nice loopy scientist lady they brought with them, for reasons the writers couldn’t bother with, murders Maddox tearfully.

Yeesh. The killing in this series. Guy gets beheaded with a sword in the last episode, Eeeechub gets brutalized, Seven straight-up murders his killer, Agnes kills Maddox…this is not just a bad series. This is not just “not-Star Trek.” This is now antithetical to what Star Trek was all about.

Remember when Kirk wouldn’t kill a Gorn that had massacred an entire settlement, then tried to kill Kirk, in what looked like a horrifying nightmare? Ok, laugh now at the 60s budget but the point remains:

Humanity tried to find a better way.

“Yeah, I don’t get what happened to this franchise either.”

Not anymore. This universe is depressing. People go against everything they learned or were to become cowards, quitters, or murderers. The Federation is now a bunch of flipping racists that are fine with killing entire races, can’t handle a single set back in technology without falling to pieces, and can’t be bothered to deal with any actual problems.

Oh yeah, it’s current-year all right.

Seriously F***. This. Show.