I watch this so you don’t have to.

Star Trek: Picard Episode II exacerbates everything I was unhappy about with the first episode.

The big problem is the insertion of current year politics and vernacular into Star Trek.

Star Trek always had characters adopt a more formal way of speaking. It may be casual but it was never laced with a lot of slang. You would never hear “gag me with a spoon” in the late eighties version of Next Gen. Yet in Picard they shove in today’s slang and it’s the cringiest thing I’ve ever heard.

Not to mention the Irish Romulan woman that is Picard’s maid or the Liverpool Romulan on the Borg cube. An F-bomb is dropped by an Admiral. It’s awful and this series will date badly. Star Trek always had a streak of class. That’s been blown away.

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Just kill me now and spare us this writing.

But worse is how they’ve completely inserted current-day politics into the Federation. The Federation now is content to let the Romulans die like a bunch of disgusting racists. There is an argument that the Klingons were a much worse enemy and far more cruel. Yet when the time came, they tried to make peace in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Sure there were people who worked against it but they weren’t the norm, they were the outliers. They were the villains.

Now it’s the entire Federation. What a bunch of horseshit. While they may have their occasional issues and lunatic Admirals, the core of the Federation ideals were always something that the vast majority of it’s members tried to live up to. Cooler heads always prevailed. The norm was the ideals, the outliers were the racists, the power hungry, the haters. They were always the outsiders and the villains.

Now they are people in power. Why? Trump of course. These writers actually believe the narrative created on Twitter that the United States is this … cartoon that they have turned the Federation into.

It’s insulting. I gave it a pass in the first episode if it was just set up. But no, it’s double-downed in this episode. This is the norm now.

Add into that the plot holes, the scientific stupidity, and the fact in this episode NOTHING HAPPENS… well you got yourself another woke piece of garbage.

I’ll continue watching and letting you know how much worse it will get. But if I wasn’t working here, I would not. I would implore you not to as well.

F*** this show.

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