The Peter Pan & Wendy trailer make me realize I was wrong in my last livestream about The Marvels. THIS is Checkbox: The Movie.

Check out those dislikes just in the last hour.

Peter Pan & Wendy

I don’t know what I like the least. The ultra generic trailer score, the needless race swapping, the snide “So?” from the lost black girls (didn’t think THAT through, didya Disney?) It’s all so terrible.

But if you are a glutton for punishment you can see Jude Law embarrass himself as Captain Hook, Jim Gaffigan as Smee, and inoffensive diverse cast as everyone else.

I really don’t understand who they think will enjoy this. Pinocchio failed miserably, the live action adaptations have run their course, they have no one who are actually creative. It’s all about taking what was and wearing it as a skin suit for their insane lunatic political objectives.

DeSantis, I can’t cheer hard enough for taking away their tax and self-governing perks. They clearly hold their audience in contempt.

Peter Pan & Wendy premiers on Disney+ on April 28th. Start cancelling your subscriptions now! It’s not too late! They are too arrogant and stupid to be ashamed. They’ve learned nothing, this will crater, and Disney is a tire fire that never stops.

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