Judd Apatow writes and directs Davidson’s coming of age/arrested development breakout film inspired by his life.

This guy!

Pete Davidson is a polarizing “comedian.” Is he funny? Or is he merely a man who uses his awkward looks and stoner charm to make people think he is funny? Either way, his movie The King of Staten Island takes a look at what it means to have a family tragedy at a young age stunt your development, and finally growing from that and becoming a man.

Inspired by his own family tragedy – Davidson’s father, Scott Davidson, was a firefighter who died in 9/11 when Pete was a child – The King of Staten Island has Davidson playing a 20 something tattoo artist named Scott who lives at home with his mom on (you guessed it) Staten Island.

His father died fighting a fire seventeen years earlier. When faced with his mother (Marissa Tomei) dating for the first time with another firefighter (Bill Burr), Scott is forced to grow up.

Yup. You want to watch a movie with this mug looking at you, and you want to pay for it.

Judd Apatow wrote and directed the movie. He has helped launch the careers of Seth Rogen and Steve Carrell among others. The movie costars Apatow’s daughter, Maude, along with real-life hero Steve Buscemi. Love me the Buscemi!

The movie was initially going to be released on June 12th, 2020 in theaters but due to the ongoing COVID crisis it will be released on demand on June 12th.

Literally any reason I can justify posting about what a badass I think Buscemi is, I will. I think very highly of this guy.
Oh look! In an article about Davidson, more Steve!

Maybe this movie will be like a great sit at home “dramedy” we all watched stoned or drunk while crying about our own personal losses? I dunno.