Is it just me, or have they been making this film forever?  It seems like production kicked off straight after Justice League farted its way out of cinemas, what feels like a lifetime ago.

We know Gal Gadot is back.  We know Steve Trevor is somehow returning, Emperor-like, from a most definite death.  God, we hope they are following the TV show and he’s playing his own grandson, that would be awesome!

We know Kristen Wiig is playing the Cheetah.  What we haven’t known is what role Pedro Pascal is playing in Wonder Woman 1984.

Pedro Pascal is currently appearing in absolutely everything being made across every channel in existence.  Now, Patty Jenkins has solved the mystery in a tweet.

Maxwell Lord.  He is a criminal mastermind and industrialist of Lex Luthor proportions, but with one important superpower.  The power of persuasion.  He can make people do exactly what he wants.

Now I’m imaging what it would be like to have that superpower and be around Gal Gadot. And now I feel creepy and a little dirty.  And ashamed.

Wonder Woman 1984 arrives in theaters on June 5th, 2020.  Another eight months? What the hell are they doing?  It’s not bloody Avatar!