So a little while ago, Ti West released X, which most people liked, but I agreed with Shawn Bs review, which said it was well made, but the story was kind of stupid since there’s nothing scary about two 80-year-olds who move very slowly.

Then it was announced that X was going to be a trilogy, with the next installment called Pearl, telling the back story of how the 80-year-old from the original X, growing up.

There is another movie due out, called MaXXXine, but that’s all we know about that at the moment.

I did want to try Pearl, as I said, I thought X had good moments, but overall was let down by a silly story. In the original X, Pearl was played by Mia Goth in a lot of makeup. In the new movie Pearl, she’s a younger Pearl and the movie is set around 1917.

Pearl’s husband is away at war and she is left at home with her overbearing mother and disabled father. She has a crappy life, cleaning up her dad, and just helping with the chores around the farm. Most of the time she’s pretty happy, but every now and then, she likes to stab an animal and feed it to the local alligator. You know, standard stuff.

I won’t go into a lot of details about the story, but we see how oppressive Pearl’s life is and how she wants to break free. This all leads to her snapping and finally doing what she’s always wanted to do.

The story is a lot better than X and I was much more invested in this Pearl than I was when she was an old lady who could dance. I’m actually going to say Goth is excellent in this. She plays ‘psychopath’ very, very well and some of her acting is spot on.

As is the direction, which in some places, is incredibly long and complex and works really well. Again, I didn’t notice anything as good as this in X, but Pearl is a much strong movie.

The only mild letdown I had was when Pearl goes to audition for a Christmas show, which could spell a way out of her life. The entire audition was done like a modern-day X-Factor show, with the judges causing the young ladies to cry. I thought this was a bit stupid, I mean, there’s a war on, and everyone needs their spirits lifted, so let’s turn down all the local talent and make them cry.

I am being picky since the rest of the movie is really well done. There’s a decent story to follow, Goth is great, and overall, this is a much creepier movie than X. I will admit, I went into this, expecting not to like it, but I was proved wrong and it was a belter of a movie.

I would say check Pearl out, even if it is just for Mia Goth playing a psychotic young lady and is defiantly a few sandwiches short of a picnic. On the downside there is no nudity in the movie, it loses stars for that.

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pearl-a-reviewThis is much better than X, but tells the story of Pearl, the old lady X. Played brilliantly by Mia Goth, it shows some of her younger life and how she turned into the psychopath she become.