The Good News: Peacock is now available on Roku.

The Bad News: It’s terrible.

Yesterday I downloaded Peacock, the Universal/NBC streaming service, which has free “content” with additional content if you pay $4.99 per month.

I opted for the free version only. Yellowstone is on there, but only the first episode is free. Frasier is on there, but only the first season is free. There are a few shows that look like they have all of the episodes for free including The Rockford Files, Columbo, and 30 Rock.


Family Ties isn’t on there for free or otherwise. Neither is Night Court or Diff’rent Strokes. They do have some weird WWE content on there like some documentary about HHH’s life.

This service has about the same amount of content as the Roku Channel (and some of the exact same content like random episodes of The Carol Burnett Show. In fact, I would say it is exactly like the Roku Channel except you are swapping one old show for another (Columbo for Charlie’s Angels for example) and very little of the expected catalogue in the NBC/Universal library is available.

30 Rock

Bottom line: I wasted 15 minutes of my time using the service. Don’t waste yours.