Paul Verhoeven is one of the greatest directors in the 80s and 90s and he’s reuniting with screenwriter Edward Neumeier. The two men have worked together twice before on such movies as RoboCop and Starship Troopers. Arguably two of the greatest movies of their time.

The two are coming together to work on a new political thriller titled Young Sinner. Don’t expect this to be anything like the two aforementioned movies they’ve worked on together. This seems to be more in line with Verhoeven’s previous movie Basic Instinct, something of an icon movie in its own right.

This has been affirmed by both Neumeier and Verhoeven. Neumeier said that Young Sinner will take place in Washington DC, adding,

“our heroine, a young staffer who works for a powerful Senator, is drawn into a web of international intrigue and danger, and of course, there is also a little sex.”

Verhoeven stated,

“I really think that what Neumeier and I, at this moment, want to do with this script will be an innovative version of movies like Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct.”

He also added that this would be in line with other works of his,

Black Book was a little bit like that already, and even ‘Elle‘ because that’s also some kind of thriller.”

Black Book is about Nazis and so hearing something new being compared to that does make it seem like a movie I’d be reluctant to watch. However, take that as you will.

Young Sinner has already started development, Neumeier mentioned they’ve been consulting with a former intelligence expert, Ron Marks.

“who is trying to keep us real about Capitol Hill and the spy business, but satire always seems to emerge when Paul and I work together, so I expect our new adventure will have a light tone.”

Verhoeven likes his violence, sexual themes and social satire and those seem like sure things we can expect to see in Young Sinner. There’s no word as of now on any release date for the movie.

However, Verhoeven recently had his controversial movie Benedetta release on December 3.

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