Ant-Man himself, Paul Rudd has become a real-life superhero after reaching out to a schoolboy who was relentlessly bullied and only had two students sign his yearbook.

Now, you all know I love to write about celebrities and their nauseating attitudes to us little people? I absolutely detest bullies, so I’m giving credit where it’s due. Paul Rudd deserves nothing but praise and admiration for what he’s done.

Why Eggy Is Being Gay For Rudd

Brody Ridder, aged 12, arrived home from school with a nearly empty yearbook. He had only managing to acquire the signatures of two teachers and two classmates despite asking for more.

His mother, Cassandra Ridder, took to social media to express frustration and sadness at her son being bullied and no one wanting to sign his yearbook. Ridder decided to sign his own yearbook with a note to himself: “Hope you make some more friends.”

Paul Rudd Sad

Brody’s mum posted a heartfelt message on Facebook, describing how no one but two teachers wrote in her son’s yearbook, all others outright saying ‘no,’ which devastated the boy. However, the post turned both of their lives upside down when love and support started pouring in, including from Ant-Man himself. The story caught the attention of Rudd who decided to surprise Brody with a Facetime call.

Rudd Facetime
Rudd is an absolute legend for doing this.

In the clip shared by Cassandra, Rudd told Brody:

“Anyway, I heard about you. I’m like, ‘I gotta talk to this kid because this kid sounds like my kind of guy’. Likes chess, likes fencing, likes dinosaurs… am I right?

Well, I’m very excited that I get to talk to you and I get to meet you!”

And in a further bid to bolster Brody’s spirits, the kind-hearted actor sent him a signed Ant-Man helmet and a handwritten note.

Ant-Man Note

Paul Rudd's Helmet
Paul Rudd sent a kid a picture of his helmet… stop laughing, he’s a damn hero!

The Rudd Effect

Brody is sorting through the wealth of support her family has received over the last few months. They are still reading letters that have been sent to him. This support all means the world to her son.

She is currently in talks with non-profits that work on anti-bullying initiatives to continue spreading the message of kindness and empathy.

When Brody returned to school after his mum posted on Facebook, a group of older students visited his class and signed his yearbook. Cassandra said the support has been well received by her son, and he has been really positive.

Paul Rudd Brody

Paul Rudd Ant Man
Brody trying desperately not to get a stiffy at school.

Those who had previously refused to write in Brody’s yearbook were suddenly “lining up” to sign it, and the boy couldn’t be happier. He’s already telling his mom how excited he is for seventh grade. Cassandra said:

“He’s on cloud nine.”

Good for you kid and hats off to Rudd, a celebrity using his profile for good. My faith in humanity is restored… until next week when Ezra Miller will undoubtably do something shitty to balance out Rudd’s good deed.

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