Robert Pattinson is an interesting actor. After a small, yet key role in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire he landed in the huge young adult / teen girl fantasy franchise based on the Twilight books. He could have then gone for blockbuster after blockbuster but instead seemed to go away, pick only roles that really interested him or tested him, and work on his craft.

Christopher Nolan said he was once of the most gifted young actors he had ever worked with, and this was after getting rave notices for his turn in the seriously weird psychological thriller The Lighthouse. Then The Batman came calling.

What can you do to make this often adapted character interesting? According to Pattinson the important part was to really consider what it must be like for a man to:

“…live in two states at the same time.”

The 34 year old went into detail on his process to prepare for the role in an interview with Vanity Fair in France. He says in order to understand Bruce Wayne he dug into the small, fragile moments in his own life, even if they seemed small compared to what Wayne goes through. This included conversations that he has:

“…had with close friends …embryos of dreams.”

Pattinson then explained why this “secret and sensitive” part is so important:

“On The Batman, on Tenet, a gigantic team of technicians surrounds you and when [they] say, ‘Let’s go Robert…Action!’ you have to forget this mass of people and play in front of your own thoughts, your own demons.”

He said it’s genuinely exciting to “face the tension of the set” on a production this big. He said he enjoyed the process of developing this version of Bruce Wayne and that it taught him to:

“…learn how to play ambiguity better.”

Much delayed, The Batman will finally be released on March 4th 2022 and we will finally be able to see if this process will deliver.