Jesus Christ! Literally! Actor Jim Caviezel, the actor who played Jesus, has confirmed that The Passion Of The Christ sequel is still, very much, part of the plan.

Before he was sent to Hollywood Purgatory, Mel Gibson was one hell of a director as well as one of the biggest stars in the world. Considered one of his greatest works, the 2004 original scored a breathtaking $400 million at the US box-office. American’s flocked to see the movie. Worldwide grosses pushed it on to over $610 million on a seemingly comically small budget of $30 million.

It captured America’s imagination, tapping into the religious foundations that still underpin much of the country. It caused controversy as well in some quarters. It was even parodied by South Park. You know you have made it when South Park does an episode based on you.

As it is still the US record holder for highest grossing R-rated movie domestically there has long been talk of a sequel.

In an interview with Breitbart News, an outlet we imagine not often graced with the presence of Hollywood players, Caviezel confirmed the sequel is still coming:

“Mel Gibson just sent me the third picture, the third draft. It’s coming. It’s called ‘The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection’. It’s going to be the biggest film in world history.”

Potentially dangerous ground. Handling the Resurrection in a way that is sensitive to the religious point of view of believers, but not in such a way it comes across as hokey and magic to the non-believers, is a real challenge. Will Gibson pull it off? Will he be allowed out of Hollywood Purgatory to try?