Happy Death Day 2U Director Attached

There’s a seventh Paranormal Activity movie in the works, and Happy Death Day 2U director Christopher Landon has signed on to write the script.

Landon previously wrote Paranormal Activity 2, 3, 4, and 5 (which he also directed), as well as both Happy Death Day movies.

Blumhouse Productions chief Jason Blum was on The Evolution Of Horror podcast when he spilled the beans of Landon’s involvement with the new Paranormal Activity movie –

“We are doing a new Paranormal Activity, we have Chris Landon…he’s coming up with Paranormal Activity 7,”

Blum also mentioned that the name of the film isn’t actually Paranormal Activity 7

“Which is not the title of the movie, but it is the seventh Paranormal Activity.”

Paranormal Activity is the film that more or less put Blumhouse on the map, and Blumhouse has only grown bigger since then. As a franchise, the series isn’t awful, but the mythology started to get repetitively tiresome over time, and the most recent entry, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (2015) was downright pants.

Landon also has a body-swap horror movie on the horizon.