In the 1990s, Pamela Anderson in Baywatch was a key development stage in the life of many teenage boys. Those teenage boys all grew up and when they heard there was a movie version of Baywatch on the way it stirred something deep inside them.

The TV show was so globally distributed and syndicated that it became the biggest TV show on the planet and propelled her to superstar status. From posters on walls to movie roles written around her, she was everywhere.

Unfortunately the 2017 movie failed to live up to the expectations. The Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron led movie was a spoof of the original TV show, which always played itself straight even when veering into high camp. The movie failed to capture the tone and only had about three laugh out loud jokes in the whole thing.

It died at the box-office and drew terrible reviews. It had a cameo from some original stars including Anderson, but clearly it lacked whatever magic the show had back in the 1990s.

It turns out that Pamela Anderson herself is not a fan, despite her cameo role. In an interview with Andy Cohen she was searingly honest:

“I didn’t like it. Let’s just keep the bad TV as bad TV. That’s what’s charming about Baywatch, you know? Trying to make these movies out of television, is just messing with it.”

The TV show was famous in production circles for looking as good as it did on such a famously low budget. The movie, on the other hand, had a bigger budget than you may imagine. Anderson spoke about this too:

“$65 million would make a good movie. We made our show for like $500,000. You have the same explosions, the same sequences of water, that’s the fun part. Being creative.”

Anderson has now been off our screens for a while. Maybe time for some kind of comeback? She’s shown she has good comic timing and never takes herself too seriously. God knows TV could use a touch of over the top 1990s glamor sometimes.

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