Ireland’s finest Outposter Aldo Bennedetti contributes with his review of the Gerard Butler disaster epic Greenland, out now on PVOD after COVID-19 nixed a cinematic release. What did he think of it? Read on…

Aldo Bennedetti (2nd left) wisely avoids short shorts and mom jeans.

Greenland is derivative of so many other works. You’ve seen it all before but you don’t know exactly where. It’s all quite familiar to a seasoned viewer.

It is not a classic disaster movie of grand spectacle like Dante’s Peak, San Andreas, Armageddon or Deep Impact. The family story is upfront. Disaster story/effects are firmly in the background. It’s a drama about a family. Gerry made a mistake with his cock. The meteor is Gerry’s infidelity. It hit the family. Impacted them all.

There is no chemistry between himself and his estranged wife on screen. She comes off as a bit of a Karen which doesn’t really help the film at all as I didn’t care for them as a couple or family. Regardless the child actor wasn’t bad as in annoying or irritating.

Butler is looking haggard for a 50-year-old man. The screenplay is also. I would have developed it for another 6 to 12 months especially considering the ending. It could have been far more adventurous knowing the conclusion that unfolds. It could have been more out there in risk-taking, especially on its low budget.

It might have been better as a straight-up action thriller but that costs money and also requires creativity with a low budget of $35m and lacking to average filmmaking skills. Looking at you After Effects circa 2019.

Unfortunately, one feels time pass slowly about halfway through which is always a bad sign of a film that has overstayed its welcome or suffers from padding and lack of development. Remarkably there was a very good film hidden in there akin to 2011’s Contagion. Gerry is a likeable movie star but needs to be in better hands behind the camera.

Regardless, it was interesting that it’s all about a reboot of society which should have been more interesting in our COVID-19 world of the “Great Reset” today.

Greenland is tropey (don’t care for the name either). Visually mundane. Out of the can stock effects. Has no playability. You won’t be watching it again in the near future. I wouldn’t recommend it but certainly would over Unhinged. That’s a fact. I’m looking at you Crowe, you hungry dirtbird.

It’s to be missed or put on as background noise nothing more I’m afraid Gerry.