Dirty, shameful sin!  It oozes out of every pore and makes all sinners stink.  And My Lord, does it stink around here.  We have some sinners among us.  Those who have committed, and continue to commit, crimes against cinema.

There is only one way to wash away that sin.  You must CONFESS!  So once again I, the most reverend Reverend, stand before you ready to hear your sins.  Confess your deepest, darkest cinematic secrets here all in the sight of the Goddess that is Gal Gadot.

See that look on her face?  She is judging you already.

The theme for this weeks confessional is as follows:

Massive, classic, groundbreaking or important movies that you have still NOT SEEN!

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, and I can barely breathe over the foul stench of my own shame and sin, so my confession – I have never seen The Shining!

Now you, too, must confess!  Come on you sinners, out with it!  OUT WITH IT!!