After watching Night Sky, and loving every minute of it, I tuned in to another new sci-fi show from Amazon Prime called Outer Range. This stars Josh Brolin, and it’s equally as brilliant. I’m now wondering if Amazon Prime is becoming the go to place for new, original TV shows?

So Much More Than Just Sci-Fi

Brolin plays Royal Abbott, a Wyoming rancher, who one day discovers a huge, mysterious black hole in one of his fields that seems to be a bottomless void of unknown origins.

At its core, Outer Range focuses on numerous characters, their histories and present day interactions and the hole is kind of a background character all of its own that ultimately connects everyone’s story arcs.

Outer Range Brolin

The Characters

Primarily, the show is centred around the Abbotts, Royal and his wife Cecilia (Lili Taylor). They have two sons, Perry and Rhett. Perry has a daughter called Amy and both are trying to come to terms with the sudden disappearance of his wife and Amy’s mum, Rebecca.

Rhett is an aspiring bull rider but has his demons and clearly enjoys a few beers – mainly Budweiser or Coors, both of which are technically not beer – womanising and the occasional punch-up.

Outer Range 2

Mixed in with all their comings and goings are rival ranchers, and all round douchebags, the Tillersons who are making a claim to some of Royal’s land. We have the local townsfolk and supporting characters coming and going. There is a tiny slice of wokeness with the Native American interim Sheriff (who is also a lesbian) but the wokeness is minimal and doesn’t distract. 

Finally we have the unexpected arrival of Autumn (Imogen Potts), a drifter who seems to have been drawn to Abbott’s ranch who’s interaction with everyone throughout the series becomes as integral as the hole’s.

Outer Range 5

The Hole

It’s really difficult to write a review for a show like this without giving too much away but there are themes of faith and family as well as loyalty and deception.

As a tease I will say is that we learn more about the mysterious hole throughout the series and how it has and continues to impact the lives of the characters. There are plenty of twists and turns throughout with several WFT moments reminiscent of early Lost.

It’s similar in pace to Night Sky, so it is a slow burn but Outer Range is thoroughly enjoyable with an excellent cast and well worth checking out.

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