Our two biggest topics of conversation with our Outposters lately seems to have been the ongoing corporate soap opera at Warner Bros. Discovery with it’s knock on impact on the DCEU, and connected to that, the ongoing drama of Ezra Miller and what this potentially means to The Flash movie that is already shot.

The Flash

For what feels like months, we have been speculating on strategies and responses that Warner Bros. could deploy in the face of their troublesome, challenging lead actor, all the way from reshoots to scrapping it altogether.

Now it seems legacy outlets are catching up. Rolling Stone reported that the mother and three children that were alleged to have been at Miller’s farm in Vermont have now disappeared. Then yesterday The Hollywood Reporter (via Dark Horizons) ran a detailed story about the issues facing Warner Bros. with the movie in the face of Miller’s issues.

They laid out three paths open to Warner Bros. that mirror the potential routes our Outposters have been talking about in Disqus for weeks. Well…


Seriously Hollywood, just listen to our Outposters and you won’t go far wrong. They are a pretty insightful bunch and have been around your business as clients for as long as you have, or longer.

The THR piece claims that Warner Bros. are well aware that the issue regarding Miller is close to hitting it’s own line in the sand around The Flash. The author claims inside knowledge that Warner Bros. have three scenarios to play with.

The first scenario is that Miller seeks help. Miller has apparently been accompanied by his mother in recent days and she is keeping an eye on him. A typical gender-defined role seemingly suddenly important here. It is almost as if…

Anyway, I digress. This option would mean seeking professional help and would also include an in-depth interview at some point explaining his behaviour and path to help. You go Hollywood, you leverage that mental illness for free advertising!

Scenario two involves Miller not seeking help. In this case the movie will still be released but Miller will play no part in the publicity. The role will be recast going forward, clearly via multiverse shenanigans.

The third, and final scenario is judged as unlikely. If Miller continues to deteriorate and there is further high-profile trouble for the actor then they will kill The Flash entirely. Reshoots are apparently not an option as Miller is in most scenes and plays multiple characters.

This is a $200 million project that is already practically finished, has tested extremely well and is apparently completely integral in defining what the DCEU becomes next. Without it there is no reboot, and now ten-year-plan for the second coming of the DCEU. The chances of no release are said to be extremely remote as there is just too much riding on The Flash.

David Zaslav and Warner Bros. shareholders clearly now hoping Mom knows best ahead of June 23rd 2023.


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