Back in August 2021 the cloud graphics company OTOY and Light Field Lab teamed up with production crews from various Star Trek projects, to create a digital Roddenberry archive.

It was announced that they would create a full-size – as in 1:1 scale – holographic version of the original Enterprise. This week, OTOY released a video to show their progress and expand on their plans. To celebrate, they invited surviving members of the cast and crew of the Star Trek pilot, The Cage to join them.

I’m Totally Nerding Out Right Now!

The Cage director Robert Butler provided extensive behind-the-scenes materials to help in the recreation. Also returning were Sean Kenney, who played Captain Pike beginning in Star Trek: The Menagerie, and Chris Hunter, son of the late Jeffrey Hunter, who played Captain Pike in the pilot. 

Variety reports that while the holographic life-size version of the Enterprise is still under construction, OTOY CEO and founder Jules Urbach previewed the version of the ship as it appears in 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture at this year’s Apple keynote event. Eventually, it will not just be the original version of the Enterprise constructed in this manner, but… EVERY. VERSION. OF. THE. ENTERPRISE!

Star Trek

A Special Day

It’s no mistake, OTOY chose this week to release the video because today, May 5, marks one of the biggest days in Star Trek in a long time. It’s the season 2 finale of Star Trek: Picard, which thankfully means we have a full year without having to hear about this atrocity before season 3 limps back on to our screens to end it all. 

And of course Star Trek: Strange New Worlds premieres and I am stupidly excited for it, even though I know it’s very likely to be more woke crap from the cretins that gave us Discovery and Picard.

Anyway, don’t let that deter you from watching this fantastic video that brings back the good old days when Star Trek was awesome.

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