Tony Moran was in the original Halloween back in 1978. He was in one brief scene, where Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) unmasked him. It lasted all of two seconds before he put the mask back on. Nick Castle played the part the rest of the time under the mask. Supposedly Moran was going to have a cameo in the up coming Halloween Kills. What happened?

Back when David Gordon Green teamed up with Blumhouse to make the 2018 Halloween sequel, he brought Castle back as a special cameo, appearing under the mask as Michael Myers at one point. The trailers for Halloween Kills has shown it’s going to lean into nostalgia with more members from the original cast.

Halloween Kills

Jamie Lee Curtis was brought back yet again for the last movie and the aforementioned Castle, now the list includes Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace, Charles Cyphers as Sheriff Brackett and Nancy Stephens as Marion Chambers. I guess you have to grab at anything you can to get people to remember the first movie.

At some point, it was looking like Moran was also going to be reappearing as a cameo. Apparently he’s not been shy talking about it at conventions, personally claiming that he would appear in the movie. He’s even had a Halloween Kills logo clearly seen on the banner at his signing booth. However, he’s said negotiations weren’t too pleasant.

Moran explains in a video,

“[They told me], ‘It’s going to be Halloween Kills, they want you to be in it… They just want to use your footage from [Halloween] 1 and put it in Halloween Kills.’ I’m like, ‘Alright, how much do they want to pay me?’ She goes, ‘Nothing.’ I go, ‘Well, what about a credit?’ She goes, ‘They don’t want to give you credit.’ Pardon my language, but I said, ‘No problem, just tell ’em to go fuck off.'”

He also claimed that he got a call some days later, stating the producers agreed to pay him, but he’d still not be credited. Moran gave the same response as before. Morgan noted,

“all you have to do with people in Hollywood is just bitch slap them a little bit”

Apparently the studio conceded to pay him and give him a special thanks credit. It’s hard to say if what Moran says is credible. Sources have said from an early screening of the movie, there’s no such cameo that takes place.

Personally, he seems like a person that talks tough and is willing to say anything to make themselves look like a badass. I take it with a grain of salt. Maybe he was going to have a cameo, but perhaps Blumhouse and Universal had caught wind of what Moran has said and changed their minds.

We all will be able to see for ourselves when Halloween Kills releases on October 15, in theaters and streaming on the same.

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