The Frasier reboot has cast one of the UK’s national treasures, Nicholas Lyndhurst to star alongside Kelsey Grammer as his old college buddy. For those outside the UK, Lyndhurst is most famous his role as Rodney Trotter in arguably the greatest British sitcom ever made – Only Fools And Horses

Only Fools
Only Fools And Horses: Uncle Albert, Del Boy and Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst).

Grammer and Lyndhurst worked together at the English National Opera at the London Coliseum for the Man of La Mancha back in 2019. Plot details are being kept under wraps for the series, but the official synopsis states:

“Frasier is off to a different city with new challenges to face, new relationships to forge, and an old dream or two to finally fulfil. Frasier has re-entered the building!”

Nicholas Lyndhurst, Peter Polycarpou and Kelsey Grammer in Man Of La Mancha.

Lyndhurst will play Alan Cornwall, described as Frasier’s old college buddy turned university professor. British, boozy (of course), and larger than life, Alan has an intellect on par with Frasier’s if only he ever felt like using it. 

Alan’s mischievous streak might be just what Frasier could use to shake up his routine, while Frasier’s thoughtful guidance might help Alan find some of the direction he’s been missing in his own life.

Sadly, Lyndhurst has had a difficult few years, after losing his son Archie at the age of 19 following a brain haemorrhage. It was then rumored that he was considering retiring from acting following the tragic loss. So to see him back on our screens in such a major role is more than welcomed.

Nicholas Lyndhurst

Frasier remains one of the most successful sitcoms of all time, having won 37 Emmy Awards over the course of its 11 seasons and 264 episodes on NBC. The series also starred David Hyde Pierce, Jane Leeves, and Peri Gilpin, none of whom are currently attached to the revival. John Mahoney, who played Martin Crane, passed away in 2018.

David Hyde Pierce, who played Fraiser’s little brother Niles, is said to have demanded a larger role in the reboot and more pay. He has become a huge star on Broadway and claimed he doesn’t need the show and decided to leverage his appearance to the hilt. In the end, he overplayed his hand and lost. 

The new Frasier show is expected to hit our screens later this year.

Frasier cast

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