What if I told you that Hallmark was going to make a Christmas movie that actually rocked and might possible actually decent? I wouldn’t believe me either, but One December Night might have potential.

The movie will be starring the legend, Bruce Campbell. I don’t think I need to say anymore, I’m in. He and fellow cast member Peter Gallagher are retired rock stars who are called upon to pick up their guitars for a reunion on television.

Seems easy enough, except they broke up 10 years prior and they’re not exactly on good terms it seems. It’s going to take some work for them to be able to pull off this reunion show.

It all really sounds like paint by numbers as all Hallmark movies go… not that I’ve seen many.

The guitar wielding duo were known as Bedford and Sullivan, Campbell is Steve Bedford and Gallagher is Mike Sullivan (apparently no stage names it seems). From Variety, One December Night’s plot is as follows:

Mike’s estranged daughter Quinn (Eloise Mumford) and Steve’s son Jason (Brett Dalton) are tasked with putting together a televised reunion just in time for the holidays, the two rock stars must work to mend their complicated history – and Quinn and Jason must come to terms with their blossoming romance.

One December Night will have an original song by the same name and a new single from Gallagher titled Coming Home. Jonathan Yudkin also provided an original track that was scored by Tommy Fields.

I don’t expect many songs, at least not as many as you’d expect from a movie about rock stars. Then again, it’s Hallmark.

The movie is being produced by Crown Choice Films, with Nancy Bennette as the executive producer. Tony Glazer and Summer Crockett Moore are also serving as producers. One December Night was directed by Claire Niederpruem and written by Sib Ventress.

One December Night will premiere on the Hallmark channel on November 13.

Checkout the trailer here:

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