But Don’t Hold Your Breath

TV supersleuth and cigar aficionado, Columbo could be set for comeback to the small screen.

Sherlock and Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat is trying to reboot the classic series which starred the late Peter Falk.

LAPD’s homicide detective Columbo, famed for his downtrodden raincoat and acting absent-minded to catch out his suspects, was staple viewing on TV throughout the 70s, laterally making a staggered revival during the 90s and early Naughties. It ran for 10 seasons and was a hit in over 40 countries.

Moffat says his bid to revive it so far has been met with red-tape, but he’s not giving up easily –

“I’ve really tried with Columbo. I did have a decent go at it but the rights are really tied up.”

“I think it’s a devastatingly brilliant format. My plan was to put Peter Falk to the back of my mind and start again from the beginning. Maybe just go madly different.”

“But one thing Columbo has to be is the most unprepossessing, seemingly unimpressive sadist you’ll ever meet. All that ‘Oh, just one more thing’ stuff isn’t absent-mindedness. He’s such a sadist.”

With no immediate return of Sherlock and the Columbo series not yet looking likely either, there’s still the Moffat/Mark Gatiss Dracula reboot coming.

The series will star Danish actor Claes Bang in the titular role, and though Gatiss has already hinted that there could be a second series of Dracula, nothing has been confirmed.