“It’s All Good, Man”

The fourth season of Better Call Saul concluded in October 2018, and AMC/Netflix has been sparse with any detail in regard to a fifth season.

Filming of the new season had started but was delayed soon after. No reason was given for the stall in production, but one of the reasons may have been due to the filming of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

Then last week, Better Call Saul lead man Bob Odenkirk personally confirmed that AMC/Netflix’s Breaking Bad film had finished shooting, and that production on the fifth season of Saul was back on track. Odenkirk said:

“I’ve heard so many different things about Breaking Bad, I’m excited about the movie, I can’t wait to see it. They did an amazing job of keeping it a secret.”

“Season five of Saul is… just everything’s on fire, and it’s just burning down around us. I was worried about the audiences staying with us. We asked people to watch closely and to understand on a deeper level the characters and the plot.”

“Jimmy is a restless soul. He can’t get satisfaction from his brother, and he’s obviously not satisfied with himself. Whatever he is, is not good enough in his eyes, to himself. So, that’s the bottom line.”

Odenkirk concluded:

“It’s the best season we’ve ever done, it’s going to blow your mind, and I’m not kidding about either of those things. It’s fucking awesome. I can’t wait for people to see it. It’s just shattering in every direction, and I love it.”

The fifth season of Saul is expected to show Jimmy McGill’s full transformation to Saul Goodman, the Albuquerque-based lawyer who embraces his tendencies as a former scam artist and begins to represent criminals while himself becoming involved in the city’s criminal world.

The fifth season of Better Call Saul has no release date yet, but as the filming has already begun, it will surely be out in 2020. AMC may announce the exact date as the filming gets closer to its end. We’ll keep you posted.