First it was to be a movie, then a limited TV show.  Then it got paused, showrunners and writers room quit or were fired.  The Curse Of Kathleen Kennedy was striking again.  This conflict is what happens when your organisation lacks diversity.

Gee Lucasfilm.  If only there was a wildly successful Star Wars TV show in your inventory that you could learn from?  Of course, that would mean not being banned from the set, as per the latest rumor coming out of Lucasfilm.

Are they moving in the right direction with Obi-Wan?  They could be.  News comes out that Joby Harold has been set as writer.  He takes over from Hossein Amini who left the project back in January, joining a very long and ever growing list of walkers from Lucasfilm projects.

He’s actually a first time writer, but has solid producing experience on WGN’s Underground, Spinning Out on Netflix and the upcoming Army Of The Dead for Zack Snyder.

Most excitedly he was Exec Producer on John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum.

Does this mean we will be seeing John Wick style Obi-Wan action (age appropriate!) as the mysterious hermit beyond the dune sea cuts a swathe through Tatooine’s underworld?  Kenobi vs. the Hutts?

Ewan McGregor confirmed last August that he would be reprising the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the series while Deborah Chow will be the latest director to attempt to make something special while keeping the interfering busy-body brigade at arms length.  Good luck!