Big news hit the interwebz over the weekend that Disney’s troubled reign over Star Wars had hit even more headwinds.  After The Mandalorian seemingly saved Star Wars after the struggling cinematic franchise disappointed across the board from The Last Jedi onwards, people looked to TV and streaming as the saviour.  Help us Disney+, you are our only hope!

Then, as sure as night follows day, some bad news emerged.  Obi-Wan Kenobi, the upcoming Tatooine set spin-off series aiming for a Disney+ launch, was apparently cancelled.

Rumours swirled that star Ewan MacGregor had walked away.  Others stated scheduling conflicts.  However, the source of the rumour appears to be a questionable Twitter account with something of an an axe to grind against Star Wars on Disney’s watch. We swear, it’s not us!

Higher profile outlets like Vanity Fair and The Wrap have confirmed there isn’t any truth to these rumours whatsoever.  They confirm filming is locked in for this coming summer and the series is a go!

We continue to look to TV as cinematic Star Wars continues it’s soul-searching and post-mortem.