It’s a bit of a mixed bag in this week’s Obi Wan Kenobi, which actually had some good moments, but they were buried in the utterly stupid and even laughable other moments.

*Spoilers ahead for this week*

The episode opens with a nicely done bit of fan service. We are on Coruscant and Obi Wan and Anakin are about to duel. This was actually nicely done and I did get a little excited, but then it cuts back to Vader before it gets too interesting.

After Reva’s failure to capture Obi Wan, on several occasions now, it seems that she’s been promoted to Grand Inquisitor, and after Vader said last week:

“You were warned what defeat would bring!”

It now seems that defeat brings a promotion! Which you may think is stupid, but ask Kathleen Kennedy how she’s doing, she’s failed but still has a job at Lucasfilm.

Obi Wan and Leia head to another planet, where they are going to pick up others who need to get away from the empire. It turns out, that the tracker that Reva put in Leia’s little droid, also has remote access as well and the droid closes the doors on the space port so no one can escape.

Vader and Reva are heading to their location and, it seems, all Obi Wan has to do is wait it out, get on the ship and fly away. Simple! There seemed to be very little tension from everyone.

We have flash backs to Obi Wan and Anakin fighting, since the flash backs will serve how the outcome of this fight will go. Again, this was actually pretty good and should of happened more throughout the series, but this was Episode 5, with only one more to go. A little too little too late.

Vader orders the attack on the space port, so they send down two ships, again, cut backs by the Empire. There’s a setup up, much like The Last Jedi, with the goodies behind a door and the baddies trying to get in.  Reva orders to shoot the door and from here on it, the most of this episode was laughable.

The doors not opening on the space port and no one can fix it, apart from, Leia! Hooray for women everywhere! I’m so glad this strong, independent 10 year old girl is here to save the day, again.

Obi Wan knows they aren’t going make it, so he wants to talk to Reva. It turns out, that Reva isn’t after Obi Wan, she’s after, DUH DUH DUH! Vader! Yeah, she was one of the younglings that played dead while she watched Vader kill her friends and ‘family’.

This was utterly ridiculous! Firstly, in a previous episode, Reva said about the ‘things’ the inquisitors had done in the past, I’m guessing this meant killing lots of people, including Jedi (see Episode 1 of the show). If Reva is a Third Sister of the Inquisitors, I’m pretty sure she would have had to have killed a few people herself. So, to get to one guy, in 10 years, she’s killed many of her own kind, only to have this pointed out by Obi Wan?

Secondly, how many times has Reva been with Vader and had the chance to kill him already? At least a couple, from the few episodes we have seen! Having her wanting to kill Vader was the laziest writing in the series so far!

Anyways, Obi Wan says they should team up and she can kill Vader. Then the doors are opened and you have the stupidest battle you could imagine. There’s literally a bottle neck, with Rebels on one side, troopers on the other and no one hits anyone else! This should have been exciting, but I was just laughing, it was The A-Team level of incompetence shooting at people.

Some people do get hit, eventually, and the Rebels retreat. Tala gets hurt, but heroically lays down her life to save Obi Wan. Hooray for women everywhere!

Vader tells Reva to back off and comes down to the planet to get Obi Wan in person. This mostly involved Vader walking down a lot of corridors and do you know what would have been nice? The Empire theme music or something.

OK, so the ship taking off, just as Vader gets there, was bad ass! He literally holds it there with the Force, brings it back to the ground and rips it open! Only to find there’s a second ship, which just flies away and we are left with another shot of a baddie watching a ship fly away, 3 times now in 5 episodes! And again, Vader just brought down one ship, but he can’t do it to the second one!

Also, the ship flies into space, where Vader’s command ship is, but somehow gets away.

Reva sees the chance to kill Vader and doesn’t. Now again, this was pretty bad ass, seeing Vader fight Reva, without even drawing his weapon. I was impressed, but at the same time thinking, ‘This would be amazing, if we didn’t have such a pussy ass fight in A New Hope’, that’s a minor detail.

What wasn’t a minor details is: If you get stabbed with a lightsabre, you’re going to be OK, just like Qui Gon wasn’t. Vader stabs Reva and DUH DUH DUH! The actual grand inquisitor is back, since he’s not dead!

Vader knows she was going to try and kill him, today and not the million other times they seemed to have met, and just leaves her for dead. Vader, of all people should know how dangerous it is to leave someone alive, you know, like the way Obi Wan did with him! But no, Reva is going to get a spin off, become a goodie and there was no way Disney was going to kill her off!

It was a mixed bag this week with some genuinely good moment, but it’s still having to wade through a quagmire of shite! I love how people on social media have been:

OMG! It’s Ewan and Hayden fighting!

Forgetting that we’ve had to sit through 4 previous episodes of bad writing to get to this point. If you’re just enjoying the lightsabres and Hayden, then I guess you’re going to love this show, no matter what, no matter about the bad acting, the terrible script writing and the overall crappiness, coz LIGHTSABRES!

I find it amazing, that most of the people getting excited about seeing Hayden were probably the same one’s who thought he was a crappy actor in the PT. I still think he’s a very good actor and, in this, he was still good, but just having him turn up doesn’t erase how bad the rest of the show has been.

Oh, also at the end, we find out that Reva learns about Luke, you know, the main protagonist in the Original Trilogy, so I guess it’s back to Tattooine for everyone.

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