Mel Gibson’s new movie Force of Nature hasn’t even been released yet and already it’s causing a fuss. This time it’s not the Jews, the Hollywood liberal elite or policewomen with sugar-tits who are annoyed at Mel. It’s Puerto Rico. Potentially all of it.

The movie takes place in Puerto Rico during a category 5 hurricane. Gibson plays Ray who, along with his daughter (Kate Bosworth), refuses to evacuate his apartment building during the storm.

As disgraced cop Cardillo (Emile Hirsch) tries to get them to leave, a gang of thieves arrives to raid the building and locate some hidden loot. Ray, his daughter, Carrillo and his partner have to defend themselves in a deadly game of cat and mouse as the storm lashes their building.

Once the trailer was released Puerto Rican’s who have lived through a category five hurricane, Maria, recently exhibited collective PTSD and came out to condemn the movie. One incensed Puerto Rican tweeted:

“Approximately 4,645 people died because of this hurricane. Approximately, because it was bad enough we don’t even have exact numbers. People buried their dead in their backyards. People were without food, water, homes, electricity, for MONTHS. This is not an okay movie.”

Others decided the casting of Gibson and Hirsch was a “white saviour” narrative.

Then a non-Puerto Rican decided they had so much virtue that they needed to signal some:

A good, old fashioned social media lynching then occurred with everyone piling in. The movie was racist, inappropriate and making light of the devastation on the island for entertainment purposes apparently.

The tweets just kept on coming.

Journalist Andrew J Padilla then also got involved, never one to let a good controversy go to waste. He claimed the tax breaks for the movie industry in Puerto Rico are an injustice. He claimed these movies do not help local talent.

He also hit Twitter to carry on the rants:

“Painful to see how tax breaks luring Hollywood films (and jobs) to Puerto Rico can produce films that disappear our very reality, Trauma Center (2019) starring Bruce Willis, Force of Nature (2020) starring Mel Gibson. What’s next? Aftershock (2021) starring Justin Bieber?”

Another formerly soggy Puerto Rican was so angry you could practically feel him, pounding furiously at his keyboard while frothing at the mouth:

”I want to point out that in “Force of Nature” trailer the ‘hurricane’ effects are so shitty and CLEARLY DON’T KNOW HOW A FUCKING HURRICANE LOOKS/WORKS? Take it from a Puerto Rican that lived through cat5 hurricane and was watching how it caused destruction in my apartment complex”

Calm down Luis! It’s just a movie. Anyway, wasn’t this called Hurricane Heist before? Or Hard Rain? Or was that Chubby Rain? I get so confused. From now on I will just call it Windy Die Hard.